Friday, 11 November 2011

The Burnside Menu

 My father and I made our weekly visit to Bankstown for lunch today. His lunch consisted of  grilled chicken and greek salad followed by ice-cream and mocha. I asked him what would be a typical meal at Burnside. His answer was bread. What was on the bread? Dripping of course. And breakfast? Porridge with milk and brown sugar. I think I would have looked forward breakfast but certainly not lunch. Nor dinner, or "tea". Usually they ate stew every night. What was in the stew? Stuff! But even boring stew was much better than the dreaded tripe.

Bread and Dripping. Photo E2BN Cookit

Recipe from Cookit

• Roast the beef or pork
• Lift the beef or pork from the tray
• Let the juices in the tray cool and solidify. You will have a jelly like meat substance at the bottom and the soft fat at the top
• Remove the soft fat, which is dripping
• Place in fridge until it is needed

On cold bread or toast
• Spread the dripping on the bread
• Add a little salt and pepper


Nancy Claeys said...

You are so fortunate to still have your dad to talk to and eat lunch with. A treasure indeed. xo

lorik said...

Yes I am Nancy :) And yesterday he filled in some details I had forgotten - so I will be posting again here soon. He doesn't remember a lot about yesterday, but he does about his childhood and days as a young man.